Symmetry is a landmark shift in business transformation.

We are driven by a simple core belief: People deliver change - and they can only do that fast and repeatably in Symmetry.

EVERY Team Member needs the Mindset, Skillset, Leadership and Navigation Points to take ownership, be accountable and adapt fast.

EVERY Team Leader needs the skill to Connect, Coach and Inspire to create and give accountability and make change the better option - especially in a hybrid workplace.

To enable this Team Symmetry to occur, the Organisation needs a Trustworthy and Credible and Inspiring Executive Team providing the Navigation Points of Purpose, Plan and Permission.
How We Work

Symmetry’s framework, platform and AI capabilities enable us to be targeted, fast and task orientated. Our neuroscience, psychology, behavioural economics skills alongside two decades of global experience enable us to move the dials.

We provide you with deep insight into the likelihood of successful transformation by region, by function, by individual team - and how to enhance that likelihood.

We engage with each individual through our platform and deliver precisely the feedback, support and skills that each, personally, needs to play a greater part: remotely and at the point of need.

Our impact, and your success in inspiring adaptability, are measured daily through the dashboard that you, your people and your leadership team can understand - and improve upon - in real time.

The Asymmetrical ‘Engagement Platform’ can be consigned to history.

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